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Xibergy Systems Point of Sale Xibergy Systems has everything you need in POS software. POS has detailed reporting and inventory, an all-in-one bundle makes it the most complete restaurant management software package you can buy.

Xibergy Systems POS presents the All In One pos system bundle anyone can afford! Xibergy Systems POS (point of sale) hardware and software that is both simple and versatile.

Xibergy Systems POS system setup process allows you to order the POS system, fax or e-mail your menu, and have your new Xibergy Systems POS system arrive ready to power up and start taking orders IMMEDIATELY!

Welcome to the XPOS Point of Sale Software demo. What you are viewing below is an actual point of sale system. It is XPOS Software on a PS-3520 POS System in demo mode. With the exception of the Demo Launch screen all functions are that of a production environment point of sale system.


Demo connections are reset every hour. Feel free to reconnect if you lose connection.

XPOS Quick Service

XPOS Quick Service is the same as Restaurant version without the table layout.

XPOS Retail

There is no on-line demo for the retail version of XPOS. In Retail mode all functions are the same with one exception, items are entered using a bar-code scanner. You still have the ability to use all the search functions to find items with missing or damaged bar-codes. Alternately you can turn on the item/category list box in retail mode and choose items manually as you do in the restaurant version of XPOS.


The online demo is an actual working copy of XPOS. For security and stability we only allow single user access to the server. If you can not connect or would like to schedule a time for your online demo where you can also speak to a Xibergy representative please give us a call at (602) 254-5121


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